Dietary Products

Dietary Supplements On-Line Database


The Dietary Supplements On-Line Database (DSOL) offers information about label ingredients in more that 8,000 selected brands of dietary supplements. DSOL enables users to compare the label ingredients in different brands. Information is also provided on the “structure/function” claims made by manufacturers. Ingredients of dietary supplements in this database are linked to other National Library of Medicine database such as MedlinePlus and PubMed to allow users to understand the characteristics of ingredients and view the results of research pertaining to them, including the following characteristics:

  •   Uses in humans
  •   Adverse effects
  •   Mechanism of action

The database can be seached by brand names, uses noted on product labels, specific active ingredients, and manufacturers. Recalls from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and enforcement actions by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) related to specific ingredients and supplement brands have also been provided.


DeLima Associates staff obtained label information for dietary supplement products from over 265 manufacturers. Data included manufacturer contact information, “Supplement Facts” with principal and other ingredients, recommended dosage, warnings and claims by manufacturers. Data were entered into a relational database and output was provided to the National Library of Medicine to be uploaded to the Dietary Supplements Labels Database.