Specialized Software development

Specialized Software Development –  Seasonal Operating Cost Program


Research organizations have hired DeLima Associates to develop computer models to assess the operating cost of new space conditioning and water heating technologies for residential and commercial building applications in order to establish first cost and operating cost goals before budgeting for new product development.


DeLima Associates developed equipment simulation computer models for the Macintosh and PC platforms. These models were designed to address the operating characteristics of a variety of gas-fired burners and natural gas engines in residential and commercial building applications. The models were able to simulate the hourly performance of these developmental technologies in meeting the heating, cooling and water heating demands of different size and vintage of residential and commercial buildings in 18 locations in the U.S.
These models are more flexible and user-friendly than any similar program devised for this purpose. During an actual simulation, the models require no intervention from the user other than the selection of individual data files. The data library includes performance specifications and the first cost and installation cost of competing conventional systems to allow users to determine the “allowable installed cost” of the developmental technology. This model has been favorably reviewed by a panel of experts in government and Industry.

DeLima Associates’ staff developed the only Macintosh software for carrying out this function. This software uses instant-response screens, pop-up windows and menus to walk the user through inputting all of the building specifications. This user-friendly program was developed by DeLima Associates under the Apple Computer Software Development Program.